Real Estate Talent Recruiter

Our team is built around not only providing the best environment to work in, but the strongest family culture around.


• You’ll be responsible for engaging potential new team members, vetting the candidates to make sure they are qualified, and narrowing down to candidates who are best suited for our culture

• This includes job boards, social media, headhunting, and conducting live events promoting our team and brand

• Maintain clear records of all applicants, their interviews, and data from their application to streamline the candidate pipeline and keep applicant information private

• Find new talent for our sales team success and encourage them to join through phone calls, emails, in-person appointments, or other forms of communication

• Post job openings to all major job boards in order to bring in a steady stream of strong applicants

• Take ownership of the hiring process by making recommendations and managing interview schedules, keeping all parties informed as things progress, and following up with candidates who are not selected

• Give regular presentations on the success of recruiting tactics

• Proficient in account creation and management for new hires

• Able to prioritize tasks according to business and management needs

• Must be eligible to be licensed as real estate agent in Alberta with RECA

How to apply

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