Transaction Coordinator

Ensure all required documents are complete and submitted by the necessary dates.


The Transaction Coordinator will report to Client Advisors and Broker and support the agents as needed in the following ways:

  • Coordinate and process client and agent requests
  • Research and contact property owners and real estate brokers to obtain property details
  • Create map and PowerPoint property presentations.
  • Track transactions status and draft reports.
  • Attend and participate in client conference calls related to transaction status.
  • Review contracts, leases, agreements, and other transaction documents
  • Manage key transaction dates calendar and facilitate due diligence process.
  • Coordinate transactions with clients, agents, leasing agents, and landlords as applicable
  • Ensure all leases, contracts and addenda are complete and include required signatures
  • Complete and track commission agreements and payments
  • Enter transaction data in CRM for tracking and visibility
  • Send status updates to Client Advisors, Broker and/or clients
  • Manage calendar events for Client Advisors and Broker
  • Prepare property market surveys for clients and projects as needed
  • Contact brokerage community to collect accurate information
  • Create reports of property options for client requirements
  • Schedule property tours for brokers
  • Perform financial analysis of rent schedules, lease proposals, etc.
  • Summarize lease information in format for presentation to clients
  • Assist in prospect management and development
  • Compile other information needed for clients, Broker and agents

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