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What Associates are saying...

Parveen Bhardwaj
Parveen Bhardwaj

Dreamhouse Realty is the Best Real Estate Brokerage that I have ever worked so far. It employs high end, advanced tools and technologies to make the transaction management as paperless as we can get. The work culture is like a big family. In my opinion Dreamhouse Realty is a great that ticks of all check boxes that an agent looks for in a brokerage. The broker support is superb. I believe this is the great real estate brokerage in Calgary to work with for any Real Estate Agent. A very supportive real estate team of Dreamhouse Realty has many of its many rewards.

Harjeet Sandhu
Harjeet Sandhu

"After spending about 18 years in one brokerage when I joined Dreamhouse Realty Ltd., I quickly realized that this office has many advantages to offer. First and foremost, the Broker is a detail-oriented manager who strives to help others be successful. He is always available to assist, educate, and encourage. Our continued growth and achievements are evidence of his unparalleled success as a broker. He is, without a doubt, the best in his field. All the other agents are always ready to help each other. It is like having an extended family. The supportive environment and positive energy from everybody are what sold me to this office."