Best Lead Sources for New Real Estate Agents

Home Buyer Leads and Home Seller Leads for real estate agents (2022)

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Best Lead Sources for New Real Estate Agents

Real estate business is always growing. There are more and more developers, as well as real estate agents helping home buyers and home sellers to trade in their real estate needs. If you stop looking for prospects, maybe potential buyers will switch to other agents. It doesn't matter how much income you have earned and how long your experience is.
As a real estate agent all you have to do is, of course, look for more leads!
This applies to all agents, old or new.
Marketing strategy continues to grow, a real estate agent is required to be more creative to generate more leads. Lots of learning and looking around is the key.
Here are some of sources for the best real estate leads for new agents! If you apply this, then your leads will grow quickly.

Door knocking

Printing real estate business cards is naturally the first step you will take for print media after you get your real estate agent license. If your budget allows you can go a bit further and get 10,000 brochures or door hangers printed as well. Then select 500 or 1000 homes around your house and distribute the business cards or door hangers to those 500 or 1000 homes around your house by door knocking and introducing yourself. If you can't find the homeowner, simply leave what you brought in. When they return, they will read it, and if they are interested in real estate service service currently, they will get in touch with you. Even if they are not currently looking to buy or sell a home, you have taken your first step in your real estate branding. Sometime when people see a flyer or a door hanger, they take it and leave it on the counter. It may stay on their kitchen counters for days making them to know your face. If you print 10,000 door hangers, use it again and again by distributing to 1,000 same homes again and again with one month interval rather than distributing to 10,000 homes at once. It is called real estate farming for real estate agents and helps to build your brand in certain area. It requires hard work and commitment to yourself, but this can be the top source for lead generation for real estate agents. And it can be great for your physical fitness as well.

Facebook Ads

Running Facebook ads is a proven lead generation source for both buyer leads and seller leads. As a new real estate agent you have to try it! There are many agents who have successfully run Facebook real estate ads. In fact, the leads generated years ago continue to benefit them today. If the prospect doesn't buy or sign up now, the agent simply places the prospect on their list and remembers it. When a potential client is ready, the agent just needs to contact them. Top real estate companies usually do this too to increase leads.

Use Social Media Marketing

Trust me, social media is the key today!
4.6 billion people (and growing) in the world have social media accounts and they are very active in it.
So, if you are active on social media, you already have an audience. It would be a great idea to post your real estate information and home information on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and any other social media platforms you use.
And let's see what happens. To start with, your warm market on social media will know that you are now a real estate agent.
You can also use real estate hashtags strategically when you post and advertise on social media. This will make for a good exposure.
Don't forget to include a CTA (Call To Action) on every copywriting you made in your social media posts.
Always use CTAs and include contacts information in each of your social media advertising. This makes it easy for the real estate leads to contact you anytime.
And best of all, it is FREE advertising that you will need as a new real estate agent.

Build a Convincing IDX Home Search Website

Having a real estate home search website is one of the most promising sources of leads in today's digital world. Because, everything is online now.
Many humans no longer know the knocking door strategy we previously discussed.
So, try to have your own professional real estate website with property search capabilities and a customer relationship management (CRM) capability built-in.
Make sure your site has a good IDX and good prospecting capabilities with CRM automations.
Share your website on all your social media accounts that is able to drive potential prospects and existing clients to your website. It is important for your website to have features like IDX, lead capture, CRM system and built-in follow-ups.
This is what the top real estate companies and brokerages have too.
You also generate the leads from your website by sending potential clients from pay-per-click advertising and Facebook advertising.
The website has to be SEO optimized so that it start ranking on search engines.
It is good idea to keep updating the content on website. You can write about your neighborhoods. You can write with other useful tips for potential home buyer leads and home seller leads.

Open Houses

Open houses are a fantastic way to get real estate leads, behind other cool strategies. It is a great source for hot home buyer leads. Nosy neighbors might come over to check on a house they've never been to before and this might be a bit of a hassle for you. But it will still add to your real estate branding as more people will know you. You will also get a pool of prospects who are ready to become your potential buyers. At least they are interested in your housing. Ask for name, email and phone number of each visitor to website on a form. Even if they visited open house to browse, still follow up afterwards same day or next day. Thank them for visiting your open house. You can also ask them if they know anyone they know planning to buy and sell their home. Offering a referral fee from your real estate brokerage would be another good way to maximize your potential.
How you behave and how you market the property to them can impress them and make them think about moving in and selling their old home. Then, it becomes source of the best real estate leads for new agents.

Digital Newsletter

The Real Estate digital newsletter is one of the best primary sources for real estate agents. You can use it as a referral as well as for people in your environment. 
Through this digital newsletter, you can see who clicked on what link. This is a good sign, they could be your hot real estate leads in the next few months. 
Don't forget to learn how to create this digital newsletter right away and start using this lead generation strategy!
That way it will be easier for people to remember you. When they are ready, they will immediately contact you.

Use the Right Marketing Strategy

In any business environment, including real estate, marketing strategies and systems are the key to generating great leads. There are many marketing strategies you can learn, especially if you are a new real estate agent, you can learn through books or through experienced agents. YouTube is a great resource. Or use the free marketing guides you can find on Google to generate real estate leads by other top performing real estate professionals. There's something that works for everyone in the guide, it should. There's nothing wrong with learning a lot from other successful real estate agents, even if you went to the best marketing major.

Take Advantage of Testimonials

Testimonials never fail to build trust! Especially if it's a real testimonial from a previous customer! Again, testimonials are a great primary resource for real estate agents. Third party support is always effective in building trust and confidence in you and your business. Testimonials can be a valid source of information that can change someone's interest in your environment and turn them into prospects and clients. Now your job is to get those testimonials. You can ask someone willingly or pay for it if necessary. The best way to get testimonials is through your Google My Business page. Then This will be the best real estate leads source for new agents.

Using Home Search Platform

There are many online real estate platforms designed to generate current home buyer prospects. The home search feature on these platform is often used by potential buyers to find their dream property and they will ask for more information if they find something. On the US side, you can use the Zillow platform to do this. 
On Zillow, you can:
●      Create a profile
●      Added client reviews and previous sales.
●      Become a Premier Zillow Agent.
This program allows you to buy prospect home buyers. Another platform that is no less good is On Canada side there is Their Connections Plus program can connect you with home buyers looking on the platform.

Use the Lead Generation Platform

Believe it or not, a real estate agent has generated 142 prospect buyers from any of the listings using the lead generation platform. This may sound classic, but in fact these lead generation platforms can be very effective and just what you need to make your lead generation system more promising. And you will generate more leads in less time. Usually you will get a free trial offer available to new users on their platform. You can find lead generation for real estate agents easily on the internet. They are available a lot and find the best!

In Conclusion

In conclusion, to generate home buyer leads or home seller leads, there should be a combination of lead generation sources that you should use. Try using as many free sources as you can. You should have a profile on most major social media platforms. This includes but not limited to Facebook, Linkedin, Google local business and instagram. Everyone in your contact list should know that you are a real estate agent and keep reminding them every few months. Good luck in your real estate career and applying some or all of these real estate lead generation strategies.